Multi Room

On larger installations many rooms are controlled by the use of a Master Control Unit with local help from on site Staff. A simple 2 way

communications unit is installed within the flat to facilitate 2 way speech control from the Wardens Office.

Additionally on larger systems annunciation can be via mobile paging units and remote annunciators When the Warden leaves the system uses an off site switch which then allows a remote Central Station to assume the commands of the Warden.

Central Station are also able to release the front door for use by Nurses or Doctors where required.

Wire Free Systems

Wire free systems are available which reduce the cost of redecoration and disruption in a normally very difficult environment to run cables.

Door Monitoring

Door monitoring alerts staff if an internal or external door is opened.

Bed Sensors

Bed Sensors alert staff if the bed is vacated immediately or after a pre determined period of time.

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